Posted by: worshipper at large | September 27, 2009

Matt Redman Interview: re Romantic Language in Worship

I happily stumbled across this at

It is an excerpt from a British Christian television interview, in which Matt makes a BIBLICALLY CHALLENGING and insightful point regarding the modern evangelical church’s proclivity towards inserting “erotic”/romantic (i.e., lovey-dovey, sentimentalized, ‘I’m in LOVE (*sigh*) with a guy named JESUS!’) language into some of its worship lyrics.

I had that exact same “epiphany” years ago when I was attending an evangelical church where I (we, my family and I) was living, that made heavy use of contemporary Christian rock and pop ballads in its corporate worship–not necessarily a wrong or bad thing, provided the musical selections pass scriptural muster (which these often DIDN’T!)

Among some of the QUOTABLE remarks and turns of phrase made in this interview (like “scripturally watertight” lyrics, another “Redmanism”!) is when Matt says that someone once told him the modern Church has alienated the “blokes” (i.e., the MEN) in the congregation because it has been “underfathered and overmothered.”

A-MEN to that! (pun intended)

Got three minutes? Watch this:

Footnote: it is encouraging to see that, in fact, it is still possible to get CHRISTIAN TELEVISION in the UK!


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